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Master Keyword Research in 7 Days

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Master Keyword Research in 7 Days

Nick Eubanks
5 ratings

Hands-on exercises to turn you into a keyword PRO

This course is designed to give you the knowledge to get a job at a top tier SEO agency, or start one on your own, in just 1 week – regardless of your current level of experience; whether you’re a complete SEO newbie or a seasoned veteran.

"Very few people understand how to do really effective keyword research. Being able to go from potential target keyword all the way through the funnel to actual profit (considering cost to rank) is an essential skill for today’s SEO. No one can take you from square one to keyword research master faster than Nick Eubanks. His course is a fantastic primer that should be mandatory reading for any serious SEO." - Eppie Vojt, VP of SEO, Red Ventures

Tired of reading countless blog posts and how-to’s without having a clear roadmap for what you should be doing?

The most common frustrations I hear are:

  • I’m just not sure how to get started?
  • I have a list of keywords, but how do I find more?
  • How do I identify the keywords I should be targeting long-term?
  • How can I make sure I’m targeting the most profitable keywords?

Blog posts about keyword research will tell you a bunch of stuff to do, but often times leave you with more questions than answers. It’s a long road to keep reading and trying, hoping that you’re looking in the right places and making the right decisions.

“The Master Keyword Research in 7 Days from Nick Eubanks has proven to be a goldmine in this area, well deserving the 127$ fee.”- Alin Vlad, Director of Online Marketing, Heimdal Security

You can easily waste hundreds of hours and months of time building rankings for the wrong keywords when terms 10 times as profitable could have been found immediately – and you could already be ranking for them.

"Master Keyword Research in 7 Days is hands down the best keyword research content I’ve read – very detailed and well explained, highly actionable with a strategic focus." - Aleyda Solis, Founder, Orainti

This 7-lesson course, conveniently delivered via email (one lesson per day), will take you through exactly where to begin, step-by-step from start to finish, with all of my proven tricks along the way. The full course includes over 100 process screenshots and my Excel template for automating search intent analysis.

"We have used Nick’s keyword research process to help us increase our paid and organic search visibility with a focus on driving conversions for software products for Fortune 500 brands. In just the first 3 months, our Organic Traffic is up 17%, Paid Traffic is up 44%, Goal Completions are up 185%, and most importantly, our Conversion Rate is up 112%." - David Cohen, Director of Marketing, Goliath Technologies

Improve Your Keyword Research with These 7 Lessons

Each exercise is designed to teach you a specific skill as part of a repeatable keyword research process, which can be directly applied to any website to improve traffic and conversions.

The exercises in these lessons cover:

  • The nuances between finding keywords for new versus old websites.
  • Really expanding your list to find new keywords.
  • Mining techniques for gathering bulk competitive data.
  • A detailed process for prioritizing your keywords into short-term and long-term lists.
  • Assessing your potential to rank for a particular term.
  • Inferring search intent to mirror your conversion funnel.
  • How to identify new keyword opportunities and fit them into your priority lists.
  • Featuring an entirely new, extremely detailed process using a handful of the latest SEO tools.

"Nick is without a doubt the leading authority when it comes to keyword research. Master Keyword Research in 7 Days is awesome and it’s comprehensive. Don’t hesitate for a moment to sign up!" - Paul Shapiro, SEO Director, Catalyst

I Can Help You

I am an SEO Engineer, Author, and most importantly – a Marketing Technologist. My guide on How To Do Keyword Research for SEO has sold over 3,000 copies and my post on How To Grow a New Website to Over 100,000 Visitors per Month has been read over 100,000 times.

I’ve written some of the most popular posts on Search Engine Watch, been featured on Search Engine Land, Yahoo!, MOZ, Conversion XL, Business2Community, Catalyst, and many other prominent SEO publications. I am a featured SEO Expert on Clarity. I’ve been quoted in the New York Times and Huffington Post, speaking about SEO and Ecommerce.

"Nick isn’t just an SEO expert, he’s a keyword expert. He understands what, how, when and why people use keywords and his process finds terms to meet those demands and convert users." - John Henry Scherck,
"Don't often endorse paid products, but 'Master Keyword Research in 7 Days' by Nick Eubanks is worth it." - Cyrus Shepard, Director of Audience Development, MOZ

This 7-lesson course will take you through the most critical components of keyword research and show you exactly how to find and target the best keywords for your websites like never before, using new tools and processes I’ve never written about publicly.

7 Exercises in 7 Days

Each day you will be emailed a new lesson, combined with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the exercise(s) it contains.

The lessons are:

Lesson 1 – New Versus Existing Websites

Lesson 2 – Expanding Your Keyword List

Lesson 3 – Data Mining & First Cut Filtering

Lesson 4 – Keyword Sorting & Initial Analysis

Lesson 5 – Inferring Search Intent

Lesson 6 – How to Prioritize Your Keywords

Lesson 7 – Seizing Keyword Opportunities

"I’ve spent years working on my own techniques for carrying out effective keyword research and I’ve been able to build on these techniques to improve them further with the help of Nick’s course. Not only that but my team have all used the course as their ‘keyword research bible’, following Nick’s advice step-by-step. The results have been incredible!" - Matthew Barby, Director of Marketing, Hubspot
"Master Keyword Research in 7 Days is Great! One of the most comprehensive write-ups of keyword research methodology I’ve ever seen." - Devon Concannon, SEO Associate, iPullRank

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